Web to Pack

From folding to pricing, plug&print carefully manages your data and ensures that the packaging matches your customer's online approval - with our dynamic 3D preview.


Folding Carton

Empower your customers' creativity using plug&print. They can effortlessly customize their print and closure preferences, selecting from various choices like tuck-in flaps, tuck-in bottoms, automatic bottoms, and designs with viewing windows.

Available Attributes
  • Material: Premium White, Standard White, Eco White
  • Printing: Outside, Inside, Outside/Inside
  • Finishing: Premium White, Standard White, Eco White

Customized packaging

After your customer selects their preferred ECMA packaging, plug&print provides all the print data, complete with a preview. Your customers maintain control over the product throughout. plug&print equips both you and your customers with all the essential tools.

Corrugated Packaging

With our innovative approach, we transform functional packaging into a visual delight, making your products more appealing and memorable. This attention to design not only improves aesthetics but also creates a positive impact on how your customers perceive and interact with your products, ultimately leaving a lasting impression and increasing brand loyalty.

Available Attributes
  • Material: White/White, White/Kraft, Kraft/Kraft
  • Flute: E-Flute, B-Flute
  • Printing: Outside, Inside, Outside/Inside
  • Finishing: None, Matt, Gloss

A Perfect Flute

Turn corrugated packaging into a visually captivating design statement that enhances your customers' experience with our Web to Pack system. plug&print provides a variety of FEFCO code packaging options to cater to your specific needs, making it your ultimate solution for elevating product presentation and bolstering customer satisfaction.

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